Whole Food Concentrates

by Juice Plus+

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Juice Plus+ offers simple solutions to help individuals and families eat more fruits, vegetables, berries, and other powerful plant-foods.

Juice Plus is actually just food, NOT a supplement. It is organic, non-GMO, vine-ripened whole fruits, vegetables, berries, and other plants that have been crushed down whole, dehydrated at low-temperatures, and encapsulated, turned into gummies, or shake mixes.

Juice Plus is the most research nutritional product in the world with currently 38 gold-standard published clinical research studies showing AMAZING health benefits.

Juice Plus is the ONLY thing I recommend because it's food, it's NSF Certified to guarantee purity and quality, and it's safe for everyone (including kids of all ages, pregnant women, elderly, professional athletes, and even those that are ill).

AND with the Healthy Starts for Family Program, Kids can eat Juice Plus for FREE with qualifying orders.