What to Eat

Stop Wondering What to Eat...

This is Healthy Eating Made Simple

So you want to eat healthier... that is great!


But now what?

There are so many different people out there these days tell us what to eat… or more specifically they are telling us what NOT to eat.


So many diets and programs that make you follow crazy plans and eliminate foods. They are too complicated!


No nurse wants to worry about a math problem on their plate when you are busy trying to take care of their patients at work and their kids at home.


And just how healthy are all those diets and how effective are they for long-term health goals?


We often hear that meal planning is important, which it is.... But why does it have to take up so much time and energy to figure out what to eat? After a while, you might even start to hate meal planning.


Ok... what about supplements?


There are so many out there as well. Do I need them? Are they healthy? Why are some so expensive and some so cheap? Which ones should I take?


This is all too confusing!

Do you ever wish someone would just tell you what to eat?




Just Tell Me What to Eat! 


Well, I have some good news… 


I am going to just tell you what to eat!




I said it.


You are busy and I know that while education is great, practical application on how to put that information into practice is just as important. 


I can honestly say, I wasn’t always a big fan of meal plans and “just telling people what to eat”...


But over the years of working as a dietitian and health coach, I can't tell you how many times I was asked, "can you just tell me what to eat?"


I saw that simply sharing and educating with people the messages (that I believe strongly in) of eat more veggies, fruits, whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats sadly does NOT lead to change for many people. 


So many people know what to do, but knowing and doing are two very different things. 


It’s all too easy to turn to what is convenient, tastes good, makes us feel better, and so on…

Now, don't get me wrong... I want you to be working to eat more whole/real foods, working away from highly processed options, nourishing your body, and still learning how to make this a lifestyle change and not something temporary!

That is why I am excited to share with you my What to Eat Meal Plans and Powered Up Coaching Support Program!

The monthly meal plans and coaching support program was designed for busy working healthcare professionals that just want to eat healthier, without having to think too much about what to make and eat.


Please note, this program is NOT designed to provide Medical Nutrition Therapy. If you need individualized support based on a medical condition, then you will still want to explore working with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in your area. 


But if you are ready to stop wondering “What’s for dinner?”, stop adding unnecessary stress trying to figure out what healthy eating can look like, and enjoy simple, healthy, and delicious meals, then this is for you!


This is a simpler way to eat better because I am just telling you what to eat with the meal plan subscription service! But want to know what is awesome? These meal plans are still adjustable! Meaning if you don’t like a meal listed that week, no problem! Swap it out for one of the other hundreds of recipe ideas you do enjoy. 


Enjoy eating more wholesome nourishing foods with hand-curated dietitian meal plans with my easy-to-use subscription service.


You’ll receive my delicious, nutritious meal suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. 


There’s never been a better way to help you eat great food without agonizing about what to



Every recipe suggestion is thoroughly tested to ensure it’s delicious, easy to make, and helps

you meet your health goals.

Here’s how it works…


First Choose Your Meal Plan Type. You can choose from the following

list (and actually click on each one to try out for FREE for 1-week):

  1. Anti-Inflammatory

  2. Plant-based Vegan

  3. Diabetes

  4. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

  5. Low-FODMAP

  6. Flex-Plan (great for families)

  7. Simple Eats (also great for families)

  8. Total Custom

  9. Sun Basket (If you use or want to use Sun Basket Meal Kit Services, then your Meal Plan will include 3 of those offered meals in your plan)

  10. Pantry Power (perfect for those focused on using what they have in their pantries right now)

ALL MEAL PLANS come with:


  • Dietitian Created Monthly Meal Plans. Each week you will receive customizable meal plans with over 30 recipes! Add and remove recipes based on your preferences, then adjust the number of servings if you want leftovers. See just how easy it is to use in this short video.

  • Each recipe contains nutrition information with easy prep and make directions.

  • Meal planner includes a smart grocery list that tells you exactly what to buy.

  • If you choose to customize your plan, the nutrition facts and smart grocery list will automatically adjust.

  • You’ll also receive valuable coupons from health-focused brands—a real win-win.


If you feel you could use some more personalized additional support, then you may benefit from my Virtual Coaching Program! This program was designed for the busy working nurse and includes:

  •  In Depth Assessment of Habits that Impact Health & Wellness​

  • Personalized Recommendations and 6-Week Virtual Coaching Support from Kati Sarbu, MS, RDN, CDE during the Initial-Assessment Program.​

  • Personal Online Tracker

  • Option to add on 2-week Follow-Up Assessments after Initial Assessment is Completed at Anytime

  • Whole Food Concentrate Package Recommendation*

I like to put the person back in person-alized meal planning—and now you can too.

These amazing Dietitian Created Monthly Meal Plans are powered by The Living Plate. As an affiliate of The Living Plate I am able to offer these amazing meal plan subscription programs. I do make a small percentage from the meal plans that are included in your service; which allows me to offer you even more than just the meal plans at a low-monthly cost. 


AND while you are going to get easy, nutritious, delicious meal plans, resources, and support, we can also ensure that you are nourishing your mind and body with Whole Food Concentrates.


Whole Food Concentrates can provide 50+ organic, non-GMO vine-ripened fruits, vegetables, berries, and other plant foods that have been encapsulated, turned into gummies, and shake mixes to nourish your  body with every single day! These are NOT supplements.


Give your body what it needs and deserves to help you feel good and be as healthy as possible with this one simple change. 


I am a big fan of keeping it simple and keeping it real. So I actually don’t recommend supplements of any kind. Supplements are not regulated by anyone, can be confusing to know the quality of ingredients, and are often unnecessary or even dangerous at times. I prefer to help everyone get nutrition from whole foods!


I am happy to provide Whole Food Concentrate package recommendations for FREE. However, the Whole Food Concentrates themselves are NOT included in the What to Eat Meal Plans or in the Powered UP Coaching Support Program Pricing.  


Because I believe strongly in nourishing our bodies with real, whole foods (especially plants), not highly processed supplements and isolated nutrients made in a lab, I highly recommend Whole Food Concentrates to everyone and that is why I have chosen to align myself with the Juice Plus+ company. 


Juice Plus+ are the only solutions that myself and my whole family takes and they are the only nutritional solutions I recommend because they are REAL food, not supplements.


But let me give you a little more insight let me share more on what I LOVE about whole food concentrates from Juice Plus+...


  • They have high-quality control with an NSF certification. Meaning what it says is in there is what you get, without anything you don't want!

  • There is almost 40 clinical published research studies that have been conducted at top universities and facilities over the last 25 years.

  • These high-quality clinical research studies have shown:

    • The nutrients in Juice Plus+ available in our bodies the same way eating whole foods (since it is just whole foods)

    • Reduce systemic inflammation, oxidative stress, and insulin resistance (all of which can lead to many different illnesses, diseases, and obesity)

    • Improves the immune system, heart health, lung health, dental health, wound healing, can protect our DNA, and more! 

  • It's simply food, so it's safe for everyone! Including kids (as young as 6-months starting on solid food), pregnant women, while breastfeeding, for elderly, for those that might be ill, Olympic Athletes, and everyone in between.


If you are interested, you can learn more about Juice Plus+ here. As a virtual franchise owner with the Juice Plus+ Company, I do make a commission from any orders you make through my Juice Plus+ Website. However, I believe that everyone can benefit from more fruits, vegetables, and all of the other plant-foods offered in the Juice Plus+ Whole Food Concentrates. My own family has seen positive health benefits from flooding our bodies with these whole foods every day. 


This really is the easiest way to help you nourish your WHOLE self!


So are you ready to simplify with my What to Eat Meal Plan? And could us use some extra Coaching Support in the Powered UP Membership Program?


Join either today and I will send to you absolutely FREE:


  • Kitchen Clean Out Guide

  • Stock Your Kitchen Zones

  • Healthy Eating Plate Guide

Meal Plans are offered for only $9-$19 a month (depending on the plan you choose). And an additional $97 a month if you choose to take part in the Powered Up Coaching Support Program.

Also make sure to select which Juice Plus+ Whole Food Concentrate Package fits your needs.


Choose from one of the below Package Ideas Below or Create Your Own Package!


Whole Food Concentrate Package Recommendations:


And if you want a Super Fun and Easy way to grow your own produce at home, ask me about the Grow Package and how you can start your own Tower Garden at home!


I can’t wait to help you focus on just eating simple healthy delicious meals, nourishing your body with whole foods, and learning how to make these habits work long-term!