You Spend All Day Taking Care of Your Patients

and Then Your Family...

Make it Easy on Yourself &

Develop One Healthy Habit in 30 Days!

So You Can Start Living a Healthier, Fuller Life Today!

(Even if you’ve tried everything else to ditch bad habits and pick up good ones!)

During this 30-Day Program, you will discover how to:


  • Create 1 new healthy habit this month

  • Get unstuck, take back your power, and change your behavior

  • Make your new habit achievable and avoid self-sabotage

  • Integrate your new habit into your life!

  • Take that new habit and use it to transform your life

Making healthy habit changes doesn't need to be complicated!

As a Part of the Rx: Healthy Habits Program You Will Receive:

  • Weekly Videos with the Topic of the Week Sent to Your Email (Watch on Your Own Schedule)

  • Healthy Habit Workbook

  • Virtual support from Kati Sarbu as you work on your healthy habit of choice for the month.

Are you ready to kiss one of your bad habits goodbye and replace it with a healthier one?


Don’t wait! 

The Next 30-Day Rx: Healthy Habits Program is Starting On MONDAY, April 6th!

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