What is Waist Circumference and Why Does it Matter More than My Weight?

Knowing our what our weight is can have it’s benefits. While the idea of weighing in daily even can be beneficial for weight loss and weight maintenance, have you ever just wanted to totally ditch your scale?

It’s not uncommon for people to have a weird type of relationship with their scale and the weight it shows.

While many of us might also know that the number on the scale doesn’t define us, it can still matter.... although, it’s not the only measurement we want to be looking at.

What might be another measurement to consider?

Good question! Let's look at your waist circumference ( look at yours and I'll look at mine).

Waist Circumference (AKA “Belly Fat”):

Have you ever heard people talk about being “apple” or “pear” shaped?

The apple is kinda round around the middle (you know – belly fat-ish.... some people might even think of it as a t