Understanding Food Cravings

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Why You Have Cravings & What They Mean

Cravings are something we all deal with… trust me, even I get them!

But it can actually be really fascinating to learn more about some reasons why we crave certain things.

There are a few main reasons for cravings: hormones, emotions, and nutrient deficiency.

Hormones: an imbalance with hormones like serotonin or leptin can cause us to have food cravings.

Emotions: have you noticed when you're stressed, overwhelmed, or feeling down the first thing you want to reach for is junk food? This is where the term "comfort food" comes from -- using food for emotional reasons. I'd even say this is the most significant cause of cravings out of all three.

Nutrient deficiency: another reason for cravings could be a lack of nutrients within your body, causing the craving to "crave" what you're lacking nutritionally.

Our hormones and emotions are always at work, so understanding the root of the cravings you have and helpful ways to deal with them can be a game changer.

Take a moment to think about what craving do you struggle with most frequently?