Keep it Simple Review: The Green Chef

I am excited to share this very first Keep it Simple Review!

These days, there are SO many services and delivery companies for meal prep, cooked meals, health related products and even more available.

I don't know about you, but I just don't have a lot of time. Between working full-time, running a business, raising a family, attempting to keep a household clean (ok... somewhat clean), volunteering, and trying to focus on my own self-care, there is very little "down" time.

So anything I can find that makes my life easier AND fits with my personal beliefs on living a healthy lifestyle is a win in my book!

Which is why I have decided to share with you the different services/kits that have I have tried already AND to continue to try new ones to review and share with you here. All of these services are ones that I have decided to try on my own and I was not paid to review. I promise to always share here if there are any affiliate links or if I do make anything from sharing these various services and resources with you here.

My goal with these reviews is to share my experiences and thoughts about these services/products, so that you have an idea if it might be something that could work for you in simplifying. I am all about keeping food and health simple and real. Hence, my 'Keep it Simple' Reviews.

In the near future as well, I will also start some 'Keep it Real' Reviews, where I share products that I find and LOVE that are all about using real whole food ingredients! Once again, making healthy eating for the busy working nurses and their families as easy as possible!

To get started, this very first 'Keep it Simple' review is actually on the very first Meal Kit Delivery Service I ever tried....

The Green Chef