How I Became The Nurses' Dietitian

Why Nurses?

I get asked this question often and it's a good one! Ever since I decided to become The Nurses' Dietitian, I get asked "why do you want to help nurses?"

So I wanted to share here my why and how I became The Nurses' Dietitian.

First, I have a personal love for nurses.

My own mama has been a NICU nurse as long as I can remember. I remember growing up going to visit her at the hospital, getting to see all the tiny babies and all of my mom's nursing friends. Funny enough as well, my mother-in-law is also in nursing.

But on a professional level, I also spent many years working in clinical settings.

When I first became a Registered Dietitian, I went the route that many RDs do and I went to work in clinical nutrition.

My very first job as an RD was in a relatively small hospital. The type of hospital where everyone knew everyone and most of the doctors were very old school and were not always very open to change. It was a challenge in many ways, but the nurses always had my back.

Then I worked in a very large teaching hospital, where over the years I covered just about every unit possible at some point - from med-surg, telemetry, ortho, oncology, ICU, MICU, CCU, PICU, Neuro, step-down units, acute rehab, mental health, I covered our outpatient center and taught community health classes.