Five Energy Boosting Snacks That You Can Keep in Your Pocket During a Busy Shift.

Hey nurses, let me ask you a question...

How often do you actually get to sit and enjoy a nourishing meal at work?

Chances are, you don't always get a full lunch break. Chances are you are more likely to grab whatever is quick or easy (whether from home, from the cafeteria, vending machine, coffee cart, or the break room). You might even find yourself snacking more than eating a full meal during a busy shift.

But if you are choosing sugary foods, highly processed foods, or even just turning to lots of coffee/energy drinks for that much needed energy, then you are going to find that soon after you will feeling an even greater energy crash.

When we are running low on energy or haven't eaten in a while, our body is going to crave quick energy. Foods like candy, chips, and sugary beverages are super quick sources of energy as we mentioned. But it is short lived and leaves us craving more not long after.

So instead I encourage you to plan ahead and pack some healthy snacks that can actually boost your energy and help you feel better overall.

Often times, when people hear healthy snacks, it's common for them to think of "tasteless," "cardboard," and "completely unsatisfying" options.