Enjoy Life - Lemon Garlic Chickpea Salad with Lentil Chips

Wow, how times have changed in just a few short weeks.

You know this already though...

You are the front line out there working your butts off to help keep the rest of us safe and healthy.

I can't thank all of those in the healthcare field enough for the work you do!

However, with all of this taking place, I urge you to continue to keep take care of yourself the best you can!

While we might not always be able to prevent everything if we can continue to focus on what we can.

One of those being good nutrition and choosing options that can support your immune system (compared to options that can suppress your immune system). Now more than ever, this is SOOO important for every single healthcare worker out there!

With many stores and restaurants closing (or providing limited options at this time), with stores running low on many food items, and the crazy busy schedules you are likely facing right now, I wanted to share a super simple, nutrient-packed recipe with you!

This recipe is one I created before all of the COVID-19 chaos started but it is a great option to use up some of those canned beans you might have on hand and prep a quick and nourishing lunch for those long days.