Nutrition Rx

Welcome to the Nutrition Rx Referral Program

Please select if you are a Healthcare Provider Referring Patients or if you are a Patient who has been Referred to the Nutrition Rx Program.

Why Nutrition Rx?

What are the benefits for healthcare providers and patients?

Healthcare Providers


Most patients can benefit from healthier eating habits and better nutrition! How many of your patients could improve their health with nutrition?


With in-person and online referral systems in place, all you need to do is simply refer your patients to the Nutrition Rx Program! You can choose to simply refer or join the Wellness Plus Program.


The Nutrition Rx Program is FREE for you to refer patients to and allows you to add value for your patients. You can do just that whether you just don't have time to discuss nutrition, don't feel comfortable, or just want to provide them extra support between visits.


Healthy eating can be confusing these days with so many people telling us what to do. Keep it simple with nutrition education and support.


As a part of the Nutrition Rx Program, you will have access to your own online HIPPA Complaint portal where you can complete courses, track food, tasks, schedule appointments, and more!


When you are a part of the Nutrition Rx Program, you have support from Kati, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator, and Health Made Simple PRO who wants to help you find ways to make healthy eating habits work for optimal nutrition.

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