Nutrition Education

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Online Courses

Learn more about the online courses Kati Sarbu offers.

Details for each course and what you receive found by clicking learn more on each course.


Nutrition for Optimal Health

Learn nutrition concepts as they relate to the Five Pillars of
Health and how food impacts optimal health.



Transitioning to a Plant-Based Diet

Learn nutrition concepts as they relate to a plant-focused diet, the health benefits, and how to make gradual changes.



Healthy Eating for the Whole Family

Learn the concepts of nutrition as they relate to the whole family, why it's important, and how to make changes together.


Prediabetes Computer Image.png

Nutrition & Lifestyle Change for Prediabetes

All about the disease, diagnosis, and healthy eating & lifestyle changes to delay or prevent Type 2 diabetes.



10 Ways to Help Picky Eaters

Learn the 10 ways Kati recommends  to build healthy eating habits with picky eaters as a family.


Raw Vegetables

Culinary Rx - The Plant-Based Cooking Course

Learn everything you need to know about plant-based cooking online at home via Culinary Rx!


Live Events

Host Live Events for your Patients, for the Community, or Even from the Comfort of your own Home.

If you are in the Santa Clarita Valley area (or close in the surrounding greater Los Angeles area) then Kati can come to you to offer live events!


All of the online course topics can be used as a live seminar, with the exception of the Culinary Rx Course.

Kati also offers private, smaller group events that can focus on sharing healthy living information in a fun way. Some party examples could include (but is not limited to) Salad in a Jar Party, Burrito in a Jar Party, Energy Bites Party, Smoothie Party, Wine & Wellness, and Coffee & Conversations.