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Do You Want To STOP Feeling Guilty About Enjoying Desserts While Eating Healthier?

Do You Want to ENJOY Eating Again?

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If you are tired of feeling guilty when you want to enjoy a treat, want some healthy options that support your health and wellness goals, or just LOVE tasty dessert recipes, then this is for you.

Sign up here and receive my Guilt-Free Desserts Series! This not only includes 5 amazingly simple, healthy, and delicious recipes, but also shares some simple concepts of guilt-free eating!

I want you to enjoy eating again because you are worth it!

I promise, healthy eating has never tasted SO good.

Hi I’m Kati Sarbu, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator, and a Health Coach. But I am also a wife, mom of 2, self-taught home cook and lover of all things food (especially plants, chocolate, and coffee).


I am a big believer that healthy living should never be bland, boring or blah! And that it’s all about finding a healthy balance where you nourish your whole self and enjoy life at the same time.