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Take advantage of the below free tools and resources that Kati Sarbu recommends to help you in building healthy eating that focus on moving to a plant-based lifestyle for you and your family.


10 Steps to Eat More Veggies & Fruits

FREE Tips & Ideas on How to Eat More Veggies & Fruits.


10 Ways to Help Picky Eaters

Tips & Ideas to Help picky Eaters Building Healthy Eating Habits.

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5 Steps to Cook More at Home

FREE Tips to Help You Get Started with Cooking More at Home.


Building a Healthy Snack

Looking for a Power Snack? Grab this guide to Help You Build a Healthy Snack.


Energy Boosting Snacks

Enjoy Energy Boosting Snack Ideas for the Busy Tired Parent.


Kids Start Strong Challenge

Help Kids Make Healthy Habit Changes with this Start Strong Challenge


Learn to Enjoy Unsweetened Coffee

FREE Download to Help You Learn to Enjoy Unsweetened Coffee


Frozen to Fabulous E-Book

FREE E-Book to Help Make Delicious Meals from Simple Frozen Ingredients


Understanding Food Cravings

FREE Download on Why You Have Food Cravings & How to Satisfy Them.


Smart Snack Choices for Kids

Get Tips & Ideas to Help Your Kids Enjoy Healthy Tasty Snacks.


Cook More When You Don't Have Time

Cook More Healthy Meals at Home, Even if You Are Short on Time.


Live & Recorded Health Talks

Learn from Various Health Professionals on a Variety of Trending Health Topics.


Kids of All Ages Can Help in the Kitchen

FREE Tips & Ideas on How Kids of All Ages Can Help in the Kitchen.

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Healthy Lunch Checklist

FREE Checklist on How to Create a Healthy Lunch + Some Lunch Ideas!

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Guilt-Free Dessert Series

Enjoy FREE Guilt-Free Dessert Recipes & Helpful Tips to Shift Your Mindset.


Smart Snacking
for Teens

Help Teach Your Teens Smart Snacking Habits for a Healthy Life.


Multiple Free Cookbooks

Enjoy FREE Cookbooks from the Healthy Living Revolution.


Healthy Revolution Fitness Series

Enjoy a FREE Home Workout E-book + Video Series in Staying Healthy