Virtual Coaching Support

Welcome to My Eat More Plants -
Virtual Coaching Program!

Congrats on taking a moment to think about how you can continue to improve your own health and wellness!

Eating more plants is something everyone (of every age) can benefit from!

But I also know, it is not always easy to make that change.

That is why I created a 100% Virtual Coaching Program!

So what does this Virtual Coaching Program include and what can you expect?

Great question!

There are two types of Virtual Coaching Programs offered:

  1. Initial "Assessment"

  2. Follow-Up "Assessments"

With both types of assessments, there is no actual "appointment" time. You completed this program YOUR TIME! I know you are busy and don't always have time to make it to a scheduled appointment, even if it's a virtual one.

The Initial Assessment Includes:

  • Online thorough initial evaluation of your current habits that can impact your health and wellness.

  • Once the evaluation is complete, I will evaluate everything and provide some initial recommendations.

  • I also will work with you to create a personalized plan (which may include virtual education, downloads, resources a uniquely matched dietitian created meal plan and recommendations for whole food supplementation if needed).

  • Access to your own HIPPA Compliant Website that will allow you to message me and track food/habits if you find that helpful.

  • Plus, you will receive virtual coaching support to work on making changes and implement recommendations for 6-weeks with me!


The Follow-Up Assessment* Includes:

  • Online thorough follow-up evaluation of your current habits, as well as progress made already and challenges faced working on goals.

  • Once the evaluation is complete, I will evaluate everything work with you to create that personalized follow-up plan with you.

  • Continued access to your HIPPA Compliant website to message me or track as you like.

  • Each Follow-Up Assessment purchased will include an additional 2-weeks of virtual coaching support with me!

*Follow-Up Assessments may only be purchased AFTER completion of the Initial Assessment Program.

Please note that I am NOT providing Medical Nutrition Therapy. If you need specific nutrition advice due to a medical condition, then you will want to find a dietitian who offers Medical Nutrition Therapy. These consultations are health coaching and educational by nature.

Now is the BEST time to focus on your own health.

Even if you are busy and don't have a lot of time, this program is for you! The longer you wait to make healthy lifestyle changes, the longer it's going to be until you feel better in your own skin, have more energy, less bloating, and enjoy eating again!

Now more than every, your health is SO important!

Focus on what you can do to build up your own immune system and help take care of yourself (and maybe even your own family at the same time).

To request to work with me in the Virtual Coaching Program for either the Initial Assessment Program or for a Follow-Up Assessment Program, simply click on the links below.