Do you feel lost in the kitchen or find yourself eating out all the time?

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5 Steps to Start Cooking More at Home

Do you ever feel lost in the kitchen? Or maybe just eat out all the time?

I know I have.


Not feeling confident in the kitchen can make it challenging to cook more at home. But cooking at home has so many health benefits!

Plus, the more you cook, the better you get. The better you are at cooking, the better your food will taste. The better your food tastes, the more likely you will want to cook more at home!

Hi I’m Kati Sarbu, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator, and a Health Coach. But I am also a wife, mom of 2, self-taught home cook and lover of all things food (especially plants, chocolate, and coffee).


I am a big believer that healthy living should never be bland, boring or blah!


If you are a busy, tired nurse or healthcare professional, then chances are you have a lot on your plate between a busy work schedule and taking care of everyone else at home. I know that doesn't always leave you with a lot of time for yourself, which is why I like to help share ways to boost your energy and help you feel better with real whole foods and simple healthy habits. It’s all about finding a healthy balance where you nourish your whole self and enjoy life at the same time.